Who Are We?

We are a group of individuals who all have lived experience of mental health problems/issues. We have come together to ensure that a genuine peer support led community hub is here for all who need it within the borough of Gateshead.

Our Aim

Our aim has always been to provide the positive side of having a building-based service, while recognising that if left in isolation, these kinds of services can be institutionalised and stagnant, the input of external people, activities and new members is akin to having freshwater run into a stream.

The vision sees the clubhouse being a venue where people are always welcome on their own terms. Our belief is that people need a safe harbour where members have the assurance that they are in control about what level of activity and participation they wish to engage in, without fear they will have to move on before they choose to, or are ready to leave. In this way the clubhouse could then be in a position to support people build up their own resilience and, in a suitable timeframe, be able to move on with their lives.

The clubhouse in a truly personalised way, will mean different things to different people. For some it will be about becoming part of running something very unique, a very empowering experience in itself, and a place to meet for friendship, where people will always be welcomed with a smile. For others it will be a part of their recovery as they undertake peer led courses, join in social activities and, when ready, move their lives in new directions - knowing that they always have a place of support if needed.


Our Culture and Vision

Peer support is the key focus of our culture here, with an emphasis upon:

  • People making an individual choice about attendance and participation.

  • A greater membership participation in the running of the clubhouse.

  • A determined effort being made to use peer support approaches in developing activities at the clubhouse.

Our final destination of a truly user-led service has now been reached, which is highly innovative, flexible in what it offers, empathetic and life changing. We know that with the skills, confidence and experience that our members have achieved over the last few years that we are in an excellent position to continue bringing our truly unique vision to the residents of Gateshead.


Our Facilities / Activities

The clubhouse is truly a unique place in that it is run by people just like you; a non-institutionalised staff free service that takes pride in helping others, with many facilities available such as;

  • A comfy sitting area to socialise and relax.

  • A pool table.

  • Six up to date computers with free internet access and word processing software (and free Wi-Fi).

  • A cafe offering good food from 11-1:30pm each weekday and drinks / sandwiches / assorted snacks / sweets / crisps until 4pm.

  • Many different group activities throughout the week:

    • Arts

    • Crafts

    • Mindfulness

    • Cooking Skills

    • Social Enterprise

    • Digital Skills

    • Yoga

    • Plenty of puzzles, jigsaws, chess, Dominoes, books and games to keep your mind active.

  • Nights out / day trips (using public transport or a coach company). Occasional local holidays away (mainstream coach companies etc.).

We also have extremely good relationships with local museums and art galleries, Gateshead wellbeing community drop-ins, arts and crafts groups run by Gateshead Council's adult learning and skills department, Gateshead User Voice, The Recovery College (ReCoCo), Media Savvy & the NHS and others where those organisations book our rooms and open their services to our members both in the clubhouse and out in the community. We also book out rooms to virtually any organisation but those that run activities such as art and invite our members will pay a reduced amount or nothing.


Questions and Answers for new members

When is the clubhouse open?

Will I have to attend groups / activities when I'm there?

No, you are under no pressure to attend the groups, it's your choice. The only limits on your attendance are the opening times.

With the clubhouse being a staff free service who is in charge when I'm there?

There are always at least two 'Member Reps' on duty when the clubhouse is open, while we do not offer one-to-one support, they will try to help you with any problems or questions you have.

What is a Member Rep?

They are clubhouse members the same as you, but they wanted to give something back to the clubhouse community and are doing this by being Member Reps. Without them the clubhouse would not be able to run.

So who manages the clubhouse?

The clubhouse is managed by an elected group of members who meet regularly. As the clubhouse is a registered charity this group of members are called the 'trustees'.

How will I know what is going on at the clubhouse?

We have a timetable of our regular activities, on our website and our Facebook and Twitter page, and on our noticeboard. We also have printed Timetables at our reception area of Gateshead Clubhouse along with leaflets about us, there are also posters on display at the Clubhouse for events and days away, our website, Facebook and Twitter pages are regularly updated on these.