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Who We Are

  • We are a group of individuals who all have lived experience of mental health problems/issues. We have come together to ensure that a genuine peer support-led community hub is available for all those who need it within the borough of Gateshead.

What We Do

  • Gateshead Clubhouse is a venue where people are always welcome to come to on their own terms. We believe that people need a safe space within which they can be in control over the level of activities they wish to participate in, without the fear of having to move on before they choose to do so. We support our members to build up their own resilience, within a suitable timeframe, and to do what we can to enable them to move on with their lives.

  • The Clubhouse can mean different things to different people. From helping to run something very unique (an empowering experience in itself) to it being a convenient place to meet for friendship, where people will always be welcomed with a smile. For others it can be a part of their recovery as they undertake peer-led courses, participate in social activities and, when they feel ready, to move their lives into new directions - knowing that they always have a place of support if they need it.


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